Friday, May 04, 2007

The Beginning Of The End

The end of the semester that is. Today I had my first last class of the semester. Three more to go next week and then after I finish the grades I'm done for the spring.

Lots more to keep me busy. My schedule this fall had me teaching until after 9pm down in Toms River on Thursdays, then with an early class in North Jersey on Fridays. Northbound traffic being what it is around here, I'd drive directly to Bloomfield each Thursday night, to make my commute a much shorter, less dense southbound commute. Did this last night as usual one last time. I took advantage of being in Bloomfield in the early morning to attend the 7:30am mass at St Thomas the Apostle, my old home parish. After the mass I hung around to do a little sketching. The church has been considerably remodeled since my youth, but some things don't change and those were the things I wanted images of. My main subject today was the large floor to ceiling art deco-ish back wall piece of sculpture/architecture on which hangs the crucifix, but I also did quick sketches of the marble floor patterns and the light fixtures. Couldn't stay too long as I had to get my stuff and get down to my 9:30am class. Why the church sketches? It relates to the project involving the Tower of Babel painting and the erector set. As for how it fits together, you'll all have to wait a little long to find out that.

Yesterday's paper had the latest news on the most recent dead passenger in a supermarket parking lot. Now the police suspect that it's a suicide, based on many things going on in the guy's life. Actual cause of death is still undetermined. I'm still going to wait a little longer before deciding if there's a print to come out of this incident.

While I was still at school I settled another little bit of business. Just before leaving for class last night I made a last e-mail check and found one from the main regional daily newspaper. They have a series of articles about local artists that runs in the Sunday entertainment section and want to do one about me. I'll be interviewed in the Studio, while they take photos of me working and some of my art. Kind of a surprise because I didn't have much to do with this- an image I sent with a press release for my show at Landmark Books last summer made an impression, followed up recently with visits to my website. I left a quick phone message with the writer letting her know my interest before dashing off. She called me today on my cell and we set plans to meet in a few weeks. This gives me time to get a new project started for the event, as well as get the Studio cleaned up. I'll provide more specific details later.


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