Monday, May 21, 2007

No Time For Art Today

First, I put in a full day at my substitute job. After that, I swung by the Studio to find Molly in there doing some cleaning and working on her latest print, the one she's intending for the Process Exposed show. Today she did a rosin aquatint on the two copper plates and etched them in the ferric chloride tank. So far so good. While I was still there, we had some visitors- a couple who run a local gallery who are familiar with Molly's work and are very interested in having her work in their space. Looks promising for her, and I exchanged information with our visitors, allowing the possibility of showing them some of my work in the near future.

While this was going on, I did a little organizing of my personal corner of the Studio, and pulled out my display racks. I made a trip home and brought back a bunch of large, unframed prints to show tomorrow. My plan is to get there early tomorrow to do the actual set up, as well as bring more prints and supplementary materials. Better get to bed a little earlier than usual tonight.


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