Tuesday, May 22, 2007

St Thecla of Iconium Part 4

Today was probably the earliest I've ever gotten into the Studio, before 9:30 am, to get ready for my 10 am meeting. Things got going a little sooner than expected, but between last night's cleaning and my efforts this morning, the Studio was looking good in time for the photo shoot, as you can see in the top photo above. I'll save the story of all that until after the article runs. You'll see it all here.

I walked over to the restaurant/market in Asbury where Molly was working to give her an update and got some takeout lunch. I stuck around the studio for a few hours after, continuing work on the St Thecla block. I'm close to finished, and probably would have stayed a little longer to finish it, but I had to pick up my lawnmower from the hardware store that had tuned it up, and mow my lawn. I expect to be done with the block before the weekend is out.


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