Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tower, Supermarket, Dog House

I got up to the Studio for a little while in the afternoon. I noticed Molly's car in the parking lot, and when I got to the basement, saw the door open and heard the radio. Inside I found the lights were off, and eventually noticed her dog Barney, but no Molly. Knowing that she's planning a photo etching for the upcoming Process Exposed show, I decided to leave the lights off for a few minutes, in case there was some exposed plate somewhere. When she turned up a few minutes later she had the photo sensitive materials with her, a film cut to fit on two copper plates (including the leg drawing plate from over the weekend), which she then ran through her press to firmly adhere it. She took these back out of the room again and to the kitchen, where she exposed them and developed them. This allowed me to turn the lights on and get some work done. I had brought with me today some reference material shown above- a catalogue raisonne of Piranesi etchings, some Frans Masereel novels, and Los Bros Hernandez issues of Mister X. All these relate to the tower project. Didn't actually get much sketching done today- more like looking at the sources, thinking about how they might influence the drawing.

I like the progress of this tower project, but there's no way I'm going to have something ready for next week, so I've decided to start something a bit smaller- a new saint. I have one in mind (I'll give the details next time), but the first step is to prepare a piece of wood. I had planned to do that today, but Barney's presence caused me to postpone that- I was afraid he might be sensitive to the noise made by the electric saw.

On the way home I stopped at my usual supermarket to pick up some milk and bakery rolls. Took my items to the express line, and the cashier rang me up. As I was removing 3 bucks from my wallet there was a sudden commotion next to me. Two middle aged women had arrived. One put her stuff down on the conveyer belt, then the other one came up and grabbed the first woman and shoved her back in the line. Then the second woman put her items down right on the scanner and told the first woman, "I'm going first, cause I have cash and you're using a card." She called her by name (Phyllis maybe?) so I guess they were friends. The conflict didn't go any further than that, but still a bit more than I expected. I took my items and left. Before I got to my truck, I saw the cash customer leave and walk toward another part of the parking lot. As I was pulling out of my space, I saw the card customer leave the store and walk to a different part of the lot. Is this a print? Like with the recent dead body thing, it has similarities to stories I've already done. For #15 I dealt with an extremely violent argument between two women (which I turned into a professional wrestling match), and #20 involved a man who shoved ahead of me in line. I'll give it some thought, see if I come up with something new enough to become part of the series.


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