Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mural Process Continues

Spent several hours up at the Studio today. I was busy, but not quite as productive as I had hoped. First, as promised, a photo of the work in progress on the building itself. Here you see one dormer has been constructed, and a second being started. I think there will also be one in the middle, then they go and put some on the parking lot side. I don't know if any will be put on the side facing east.

My priority was to get something done for tonight's mural committee meeting. I did devote some time yesterday to looking up more references for my mural proposal. Before doing anything else today I played around with my cut pieces from last week, and the final version does show a few changes, including one addition- a figure from a pre-Columbian mural (lower left). Then I colored it with colored pencils. Unfortunately I didn't realize until I was in the Studio that I didn't have a color version of the Benton painting, so I was just guessing on those figures.

My second priority today was to pick up my display racks and bring them home for Saturday's Art Walk. Figure it was better to do it today, in case I don't have time to do it tomorrow. So I packed that up on my way out, getting it all into the back of the truck just before the rain came.

My third priority was to continue work on the History block, but that didn't get done. No problem, I'll just work on it next time.

I went from the Studio to the Boathouse, just in time for the meeting. We looked at only two proposals tonight- mine for the north wall (which may still be combined with other ideas), and the river scene for the larger south wall. So tonight was mostly about details. There was some debate as to the purpose of the mural- art vs. community. But it looks like we resolved everything, so things may be moving to the wall in the near future. As for my proposal, people like the color version, and it's likely to be part of the complex north side plans, but it looks like we won't be dealing with that wall until next year.


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