Saturday, June 09, 2007

Process Exposed Reception

Today was the opening reception for the Process Exposed show at the Printmaking Council of NJ. The goal was to show the steps involved in making a print, from sketches through plates/blocks through proofs to the final print. (kind of like this blog) Print media represented include mezzotint, etching, linocut, monotype, solarplate, silkscreen, woodcut, and a variety of monotype and mixed media. About half the artists are from various parts of NJ, with the others coming from other parts of the country and Canada.

Of the 11 artists in the show, 3 showed up for the reception. I gave Molly Johnson a ride up from the shore, and Sandra Murchison and Jason Watson were also in attendance. Nice days like this sometimes hurt attendance, but we did ok. Shown above are a few samples of the art in the show. From top to bottom- linocut print/skateboard design by Dennis McNett (NYC), monotype from Sandy Taylor, mixed-media etching piece from Julie Harris, Sandra Murchison (Mississippi) in front of the 9 pieces that make up her contribution to the show, and Molly by her final product. The art not shown here is pretty good, too. See for yourself at the Printmaking Council through July 28.

Took care of some other business as well. I renewed my membership for another year, and dropped off the print I packaged a few days ago. The purchaser showed up while I was there, so I told her about the story behind it and the print itself, as well as giving some advice as to how to frame it. After that I drove Molly back home and then went home myself.


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