Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Mural Continues part 10

Spent part of the week exchanging e-mail with our chair on the topic of what was left to do on this part of the mural. The conclusion was that it would be good if I could tighten up the area by the rail bridge counterweight, mostly cleaning up the bits of white space between colors. Easy enough, but I thought I should do more. The dark beams in front of the counterweight were never really in perspective, but the addition of the 3D wood piece really emphasized this. See the old version here. So after consulting some of our reference photos, I repainted much of the area. The counterweight's size was increased, beams were extended or relocated, and some hint of shadow was put in to enhance the 3D effect. The perspective is still not perfect, but it's better, and I filled in the gaps in color. It's done. Previously I had always worked late in the day, but this was my first mid-day shift. We had avoided these through the summer, but while the weather was sunny today, it was much cooler than it had been. Got warm up there, but tolerable. The bigger problem is that the strong sun resulted in dark shadows cast by the 3D piece, obscuring today's work area when I was painting it, as well as when taking the above photo.

I've also included a photo of the area by the large boat, showing the wooden piece attached to the bow. The area above the boat is the last thing needed on the upper area of the mural. The back bridge tower is incomplete, as is a piece on top of the boat. Someone else will do those this week.


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