Saturday, December 01, 2007

A History of Art part 62

After leaving the Boatworks, I drove up to the Studio. There was a holiday event going on, a big thing for kids with a stage show, Santa, etc. As I expected, the main parking lot was packed with cars, so I went to the back lot to park. Normally this little fenced in area between the old school building and the derelict mid-century annex is locked, but a few other cars were there already. If not I would have unlocked the gate myself, as I have the key. (the back door is the closest entrance to the Studio, so sometimes I have used it for unloading lumber and other large items)

Once inside it was business as usual. I had brought some art history texts with me so I could have a reference to finish cutting the other characters in the prison. I finished cutting two more demonic creatures from Bosch, Goya's bat, Ryder's figure of Death on his horse, Caravaggio's St Paul off his horse, Titian's Venus, some figures from Kirchner's Dresden Street, and the clock from Van Gogh's Night Cafe. And then I finished cutting all the stone areas. Long time finishing this piece of the tower, but it's done. Just a few more parts to go.


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