Saturday, February 02, 2008

4 Artists Reception

Today we had the opening reception for the 4 Artists / 4 Mediums show at the Boatworks. We hoped for a good crowd, but had no idea who would actually show up. Our best estimate is that close to 100 people came through at one point or another. Some were BAC regulars, but many were making their first visit to the Boatworks, and were very impressed with the facilities, not to mention the art on the walls. I spent pretty much the whole 2 hours telling the stories behind the saints and supermarkets to everyone who asked about them, which was a lot of people. Received a lot of compliments regarding my work, usually citing either graphic quality or the humor in them. When all was said and done, all the artists were happy, the BAC people were happy, and the guests seemed happy, so I'd say it was a successful event.


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