Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Getting The Word Out

With my next solo show opening in less than a month, I've been working to get things ready. Yes, trying to finish my tower print, but I've also stocked up on frame parts, sent publicity information to the gallery, considered which prints I'll put in the show, and the last few days I have been dealing with the postcard announcement. Too late to go with my California printer, and color is too expensive around here, so I was scouting black and white options. I decided to try the place that did the cards for the 4 Artist show, which happens to be in Union, just down the road from my school. So last night I burned images and text to a disc, and today I brought it to the place during my break between classes. If all works according to plan, I'll have them by next week, in plenty of time to get them to the gallery for their mailing.


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