Friday, February 01, 2008

A History of Art part 71

Once I was done hanging my work at the gallery, I used the rest of my afternoon to get into the Studio and work on my tower. I mostly concentrated on the upper half. I finished coloring the rest of the inhabitants of the dungeon, darkened the brick wall in the gallery, put in the gray metal parts of the White Manna and mall escalator, various small color details in the hardware store. The biggest effort was in the area of the Homer country school house, which is all filled in, but I think some colors need a little more work. All this can be seen in the top photo. I've also included the full view, which shows some of the other scattered work areas- by the train tracks, some touch up on the background city, and the asphalt street, the latter definitely needing at least another layer. So far it's coming along about as I expected, but I haven't had to make any difficult decisions yet. That will come soon.


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