Sunday, February 03, 2008

A History of Art part 72

Today was my first day of gallery sitting at the Boatworks, and I expected that I wouldn't have too many visitors. So I went first to the Studio and picked up the tower print in progress and my watercolor box. After I got the place all opened up I found a folding table to set up, some stacked stools to hold my palettes and water can, and I was in business. As it turned out, I only had two couples stop by over the 4 hour shift, so I got quite a bit done. My main focus today was working with reds, found throughout the image, but especially concentrated on the left side. The middle photo shows some of the main areas I worked- the White Manna, erector set parts, barbershop/supermarket, road signs, railroad crossing. I put in the reds for the Candyland section, and went ahead and did the other colors, too. I also used a variety of colors on the works hanging in the brick gallery. The last photo is the whole print, so you can see how these reds and the others all work within the overall composition, as well as with the other colors. There are still potentially a lot of reds yet to come, but I'm saving some areas until much later in the process, when I'll have to balance against all the cool colors yet to come.

At the end of the day I cleaned up, put everything back where I found it, closed up, and brought the print and paints back to the Studio before heading home.


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