Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A History of Art part 73

I made it into the Studio for a few hours this afternoon, all devoted to the tower. Today I put a bunch of color into the mall, basing it on photos found on the web of Willowbrook Mall (the mall I grew up with) from the early 70's. As a kid, I much prefered the mall spaces between the big department stores, the "brown part" as I would call it. Lots of warm tones- browns, oranges, golds (it was the 70's after all), dimmer lights, lots of plants, fountains, funky architecture and decorations. Of course, that's all long gone, along with the charm. Since my mall scene included plants, and these plants extended up into the woods scene above, I was using a lot of green today. At first the color for the tent was similar to the green nylon tents we used for most of my time in scouts, but it was too similar to the greens of the foliage around it, so I overlaid it with a lighter color (kind of a toothpaste green, left over from a long ago project) that brought it closer to the color of the old canvas tents. It needs a little more work, but I think this is the right direction. The mall is just about set, except for the figures. While I was working with green, I finished the Italian village, and put some green on the grass around the tower base. The latter will definitely need adjusting later. The next step is to start putting in all the large areas of blues, but that will be another day.


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