Sunday, February 10, 2008

A History of Art part 75

Back to the Studio this afternoon to continue coloring the tower print. About 4 hours later I stopped, having put color pretty much everywhere that I planned to. That's not to say I'm done- there are still some areas that will need reworking, and after a few days I may change my mind about some other things, but as of now, this is pretty much what the final version will look like. I made one change today- changing the walls of the hardware store from yellow to light green, which broke up a large area of warm colors and is a little closer to the reality of the store. I finished the rug under the tv, the big red and blue blocks near the tower base, the boat ride, the casino, the drawing studio, the gulls, and assorted bits and pieces that I hadn't gotten to previously.
I think I like it. The colors are all pretty much what I planned from the time of the original sketch, but still I'm struck by how colorful it is. Very different from anything I've ever done before. It's certainly very different from how it looked before I started coloring it. Once I've decided that I'm satisfied with the color choices, I'll start coloring the second copy, which should go a lot faster, all the decisions having been made.


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