Saturday, February 16, 2008

A History of Art part 76 - Finished

In the afternoon I took a ride north. Stopped first at the BAC, where I dropped off a stack of my new postcards in time for tonight's Valentine Dessert Cabaret, as well as a few additional copies of my information sheet. From there I continued north to the Studio in Ocean Grove, where I went back to work on my tower print. Today's efforts were mostly touch up and details. A few examples are seen above. The top photo shows the Masereel City section, where I added a light wash of violet to the shapes representing figures and the train, to help them separate further from the warm tones of all the architecture. The middle photo shows the bottom corner, where I added a little bit of light blue wash to the figures on the wallpaper, as well as darkening such items as the green grass, the brown rabbits, and the indigo wash on the station wagon windows. Did this kind of thing in several other spots, and took the whole view photo on the bottom. As of now, I think this is the final state of this color proof. There are some things that are not perfect, the result of having to put a new color over an old one that didn't quite work, but next time I'll have had all these decisions made. Tomorrow I begin coloring the second copy. If I finish it in time, the 2nd copy will be the one I frame for my March show. If not, this proof is good enough to show.

Around 7:45 I closed up the Studio and continued north, this time just 1.5 blocks (on foot) into Asbury to attend the opening of the Magical Worlds show at Crybaby Gallery. The main artist is Robert Ryan, who I first met as one of Molly's students, though he has since continued to book time to work on silkscreen prints. Some of those prints are in this show, but it's mostly his colorful mystical paintings. Then Molly Johnson herself gets a few walls to put up her work, in this case a variety of prints, collages, and drawings mounted on wood, as well as one very large work that involves carving, painting, and collaged relief prints. Rounding out the group is Meghan McAleavy, who had a variety of embroidered images with religious themes. The show remains up for 4 weeks, so go check it out. Rob was there, along with about 100 other people during the time I was there. I don't know if Meghan was there. Molly was on her way back from teaching in Virginia, and hadn't yet arrived when I left around 9 pm. I went back to the Studio, left Molly a message with the story of what she missed, picked up all my stuff, and went home.


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