Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sliding Around North Jersey

A very long day today. I was up in Union extra early, stopping by the printers to check the proof of my new postcard. The image looked very good, considering it was shrunk to about 2% of its original size. (check 'em out in the photo above) I found one mistake on the back and pointed out the correction to be made. From there I drove to school, less than 10 minutes away. By noon we saw the first signs of snow, mostly flurries. Next time I looked outside the snow was starting to slowly accumulate. By 3 pm the snow was still falling, but still not really deep, so I decided to make the run back to the printer to pick up my cards. Took a lot longer than 10 minutes this time, I think probably a back up from one of countless accidents all over the area today. Picked up the cards, jumped back in the truck, and back to campus, not quite as quick as this morning's trip, but not nearly as bad as the getting to the printer. Half these cards will go to the gallery for their distribution, the rest are mine. Handed out a few tonight, and many more will go out in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, the snow continued to fall, starting to accumulate a little faster. However, the school stayed open, and the majority of my students showed up, so we held class as usual. Leaving town and heading south on the parkway was a bit of a challenge, but with low speeds and very careful attention I got though the worst of it, and once I got past the Driscoll Bridge it all turned to regular rain. Very glad to be home now, warm and dry.


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