Friday, March 14, 2008


I've always gotten a lot of press coverage (at least around New Jersey) for my artwork, but lately it might almost be too much. Back in January, I came home from work one evening and found a section of newspaper in my mailbox (Hometown/left side). At first glance I saw a familiar photo of me in the Studio, and assumed it was a copy of the article from last summer that had included it, though why someone had left it for me now seemed puzzling. Inside with the lights on, I realized that this was something different- current listings for upcoming arts events, including the Four Artists show we had at the Boatworks in February. For whatever reason, they ran this big file photo of me in the middle of it. (further research revealed that this was not in the standard Asbury Park Press, but a small weekly thing they produce and distribute to some areas)

Then last week I was at my sub job, and someone mentioned just seeing me in the paper, and congratulated me on winning an award. I knew that an article about the then upcoming BAC juried show had been due out the previous week (I had given a few quotes for it, but not yet seen the published piece), but was confused about the award comment. Had I won another award this year? She elaborated by saying there was a picture of me in front of an artwork. That made me realize the photo was from last year's show. The reporter had asked for a description of my prize winning piece from last year, and I mentioned that it had been featured in the article last summer, thinking she could easily find that photo. Instead, she got hold of this other one. This was another one of those small weekly sections. At my sub job again this morning, a co-worker asked me if that was me in the paper, referring to this article, which I confirmed. Then late in the day I was at the main building, where the secretary handed me this copy (Lifestyle/right side) that she had been saving for me, my first time seeing it.

So, twice within 6 weeks there were two large file photos of me published in local community weeklies showing me with my art. Since both relate to shows at the Belmar Arts Council, I would think that they were both distributed in the same area. Whether or not anyone remembered the first photo when the second one came out I don't know, but if so, they might wonder why I deserve so much coverage. I don't want the public getting sick of me too soon, because I plan to be making and showing art for a long time to come.


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