Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring Break

For the first time since I started teaching at two schools, both have the same spring break week. Some might take advantage of this to go on a vacation somewhere. Me, I picked up some days at my sub job, and the past couple of days have been grading papers and watching the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament. (Under other circumstances I might have put in some time in the Studio, but my lastest block in progress is in the gallery for another week, and I have no other idea ready to go.) So far I'm about halfway through the grading process, and in the first day of action, I'm 13-3 with my picks. Not great, but good, and my whole sweet 16 is still intact.

Each year I like to see how many of the 65 schools are colleges that have some past relationship with. This year it's only 3- Villanova (1 group exhibition) Texas (1 group exhibition), and Texas-Arlington (2 group exhibitions and a week as a visiting artist). I could maybe throw in Miami as a 4th; I was in a group exhibition that was part of the SGC conference being hosted by the school, but the exhibition itself was off campus. The best ever that I'm aware of was 2006, when I had 7 related schools- Villanova and Texas again, as well as Southern Illinois (attended), Northern Iowa (group exhibition and journal publication) and Illinois, Syracuse, and Louisiana State (all group exhibitions). SIU and Syracuse are in the NIT this year, but it's not the same.


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