Saturday, March 29, 2008

St Januarius part 3

In the afternoon I went up to the Studio. It seems like forever since I was in there to make art. Now that the Januarius block was back from the gallery, I could finally finish cutting it. Didn't take that long. I'll save the printing for tomorrow or Monday.

A few other things while I was there. I took advantage of the sunny weather to take a walk and see the new show at Crybaby Gallery in Asbury. It included some wood skateboard decks that were cut like woodcut relief blocks. Looking at the level of detail and precise cutting, I figured these were not done with hand tools, and the gallery confirmed that these were laser cut. A machine product, but still a nice effect. Just as I was setting up to print a few student blocks, I had some visitors- Kelly Connolly (from the Belmar 4 person show) and her boyfriend had wandered into the building and found their way down to the basement. So I gave them a tour of the facilities and answered their questions about printmaking and the building. And I printed those student blocks. It was a good afternoon.


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