Saturday, April 12, 2008


The lack of postings over the past week can be explained fairly easily- I've been sick, the bad cold that's been going around at all my workplaces. I'd been surprisingly healthy in recent years, considering how many potentially sick people I get exposed to, but I guess I was due to have one catch me after a few years of relative luck. Anyway, with no immediate deadlines to worry about, I decided to save my energy for my classes, and not worry about finishing the latest print. Maybe tomorrow.

But that doesn't mean I did nothing this week. As an artist I have found that pretty much every opportunity leads to another. The latest example is my recent show in Lakewood. A week after it was down, my contact at the school passed on to me the phone number of someone who wanted to talk to me about a show. I called that person, who provided a few details and gave me another contact. Followed up with her last weekend, just before the cold arrived. Today I finally got something in the mail to her- not a full proposal, but some basic materials (cover letter, resume, a few postcards and photos) to look over. The proposed curated group show is almost a year away, so I'll save further details until we get a lot closer (and I actually know anything official).


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