Sunday, April 13, 2008

St Januarius part 7- finished

I was feeling a little better today, so I went into the Studio to get some work done for the first time in over a week. Went in a little earlier than usual, since I knew there would be a matinee performance of the latest theater production. As a special treat I had some newly released Neil Young early 70's concert recordings discs (thanks Dave!) to listen to while I worked.

Although I had been thinking green for the background, after considering the image over the past week, I decided that wouldn't work. Like I said last time, the green tints I played around with were too similar to the light blue armrest. And it had to be a tint- a bold saturated green (or any other hue for that matter) would be too strong compared to the pale blue, dull dark red, and gray tones that made up the rest of the color. It occurred to me that the obvious choice for a color that would contrast well with the blue and red was a yellow, the one color that had nothing in common with the first two. (a lesson I had just done with two of my classes over the last week) A straight yellow would still be too intense, so I mixed lemon yellow and white, tested it on some scrap, and then put it in everywhere. I think it works. I went over the light blue with another couple of layers to even it out. It seems done to me. This coming week I'll stretch and color the other copy, and start thinking about what my next project will be. As I left today, about 45 minutes before the start of the show, the lot was already full, and someone was very happy to have my parking space.


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