Saturday, April 26, 2008

Taking a Walk or Two

Sorry that things have been so quiet around here of late- a combination of a lingering spring cold, and busy times with all my jobs, has mostly kept me away from working on any new projects. Or even posting all the details of art related stuff of the past week. Today I'll catch you up.
A few weeks back I started yet another blog, this one on behalf of the Belmar Arts Council. The idea is to have a place to post stories, images, and comments about our regular activities, and to be a supplement to the BAC website, the way this blog supplements my website. However, unlike this blog, I'm planning this as a team effort, since there are many activities that I don't participate in, and it makes sense that those who are there should do the posting. Earlier in the week I was advising (via e-mail) the first team member on potential issues with converting his press release to a blog posting. Today I saw him and other members at the Boatworks when I was picking up my piece from the extended version of the juried show. I went over these concerns with him and other board members there. Then on to the Studio.
A few days ago, while I was up at the Studio, I walked over to Crybaby Gallery in Asbury, enjoying the summer-like weather. Partly it was to check out the new show of installation art, called "floor, ceiling, wall". Some samples can be seen above- up top a composite image of pieces by local artists Bradley Hoffer and porkchop (yes, that's right) and below that most of another by Atlanta based artist Charlie Owens. My other goal was to finally show the owners some of my artwork. Only one was in, but she was agreeable, so I went back to the Studio and retrieved some samples of work. She seemed impressed with what I showed her, a mixture of series work and individual pieces. Nothing decided about showing in gallery yet (it looks like it would 2009 the earliest), but she does have another possible opportunity, an Asbury art festival coming up in early June. She especially liked the supermarket prints, and requested some images to show to the others involved. And this morning I e-mailed those to her.
Up at the Studio this afternoon, my goals included finishing the coloring of the second proof of St Januarius. Had one little problem- I was putting in some of the lemon yellow tint in the background, but found there must of have been a speck of blue nearby, resulting in the yellow field in the upper left being contaminated. Couldn't fix that until it dried, so I took another walk to Asbury. I figured that I'd see if my e-mail arrived successfully, as well as show the owner an example of a framed supermarket print- the one I had just picked up in Belmar. However, this time the other owner was there, so I nothing was done regarding those things. But I used the visit to take the photos above, which may come in handy with class lessons next fall. When I got back to the Studio, I went over everything on St Januarius with another layer of color. It was still wet when I left; it's probably done, but I'll know for sure next time I'm there.


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