Sunday, April 27, 2008

Teaching Materials

Late in the afternoon I went up to the Studio. First I checked yesterday's coloring on St Januarius. It looks fine. It's done.

Mostly I was there to put together some prototypes of some transforming books. This is a project I am doing with some of my classes for their final- pick a famous painting or color print, and produce it either as a 3 dimensional pop up (bottom left), a pull tab (substituting one piece for another, bottom left), a folding flap (top), or a transparency change. I showed the students slides of completed ones by previous students, good for showing the concept, but not for the details of the engineering. Occasionally I've built quick ones in class out of scrap paper, but today I decided to make more permanent versions of some of these from matboard, remnants of which Molly has in abundance. Actually, Molly was there in the Studio today, working on a sign project and sketching for a new very large piece. I was there longer than I expected, but we had some good tunes playing, and when we left, my samples were done.


Blogger Col said...

Hi there - this is Molly's college roommate, Colleen. Good to know Molly is still alive since it's been a couple of months since we've talked. Please tell her that this would be a great time to start planning to visit the Pacific Northwest this summer, even if fuel prices are negatively impacting the cost of air travel. Your stuff looks great (by the way), and in case you haven't figured it out, Molly is a great choice for sharing space with - we did it for 4 years and I can't remember any fights...

10:15 PM  
Blogger arrabbiata said...

Hi Colleen- Thanks for stopping by the blog. I hope you'll come see the actual studio on your next visit to NJ. Told Molly about your comment- it might actually get her to look at the blog.

Our busy schedules mean that we're usually not working in the studio at the same time, but no problems when we do. And once in a while we'll take a break and have a print shop "employee holiday party".

6:22 PM  

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