Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Boardwalk Mini Golf part 9

Because I was all caught up on my lesson planning for today, I could devote a little time this afternoon to working on the current block. Decided it was time to put some of the figures in. I knew that somewhere in my big box of photos I had some pictures of a miniature golf outing involving my relatives down in South Jersey- the scene needs a family group. Within a few minutes I found them, giving me some reference material. Since the photos include the cousin that we used to golf with at the old Belmar course, I decided to put them at the big bluefish hole. On the lower part of the hole I have my cousin helping his then young son (now recently enlisted) make a shot, while his wife looks on from the upper part. Roughed in the three figures for now- if they stay where they are I'll try to make them look a little more like the real people before I begin cutting.

After class tonight I celebrated Mardi Gras (and the fact that I didn't have to shovel any snow today) by making a big pot of jambalaya, washed down with some cold beer while I listened to some favorite cajun and zydeco music. While this has nothing to do with printmaking, here at Studio Arrabbiata we appreciate spicy food from all cultures.


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