Monday, April 26, 2010

Son of For Love Not Money part 5

After work today I made the short trip to the Studio to print my new block. First step was to print a proof of the image on plain paper (a scrap of Okawara in this case), which can be seen above. Pretty much what I expected.

Next step was to practice printing it on the image. I took one of the photocopies I had made, used my paper cutter to trim it to the exact size of the original card, and printed the block on top of it. No fancy registration system- I just matched up an upper corner. The results looked good, so I moved on to the real card.

I was slightly nervous printing this last one, since I had only the one shot at getting it right, but it worked perfectly. The current state of the card can be seen above. I'm not sure if it's done or not. My addition is mostly line drawings, allowing the original image to be seen through, especially in the cat on the right and the garbage can. I could (after the ink dries) go back in and cover up some of those marks. Maybe with colored pencils, which wouldn't completely eliminate the underneath stuff, but obscure it enough to give the cats and can a more solid feeling. On the other hand, the earlier elements don't necessarily inhabit a logical space, so my additions don't have to either. And leaving all those elements in emphasizes the experimental and collaborative nature of the project. I can play around with one of my other photocopies, and if I like the results, do the same on the real card. If not, what I have done right now is a pretty nice piece of art.


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