Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Smoking Figure part 8

Back in the Studio for a few hours today, with part of that time spent working on the smoking figure block. I'm not going to deal with the issues raised in the critique yet, but I did want to fix those letters I put in recently. So once again I marked out a variety of perspective lines, and looked through a reference source (a book of 1950's photos of store signs) to select letter and number styles. Despite making them much bigger, I think that the viewer should still see the letters as part of a web address. As for the numbers, the intention is to be part of a phone number. Numerals could also represent a street address, but the placement on the window makes that unlikely. Below is a photo of the whole block in its current state.

In my plans for the image, that area to the left of the model's near arm was to be all black, so the large letters will serve to break up that dark mass.


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