Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boardwalk Nights part 28-finished

Went up to the Studio for a few hours this afternoon. Most of the time was spent on teaching related activities- grading and documenting student work, picking up materials for a woodcut class next week. However a little of that time was for me. I brought with me the 3rd proof of the most recent print, which I had brought home from Belmar after I had more or less colored it to match the framed 2nd proof. Today I darkened the color in two small spots that needed more work, then moved on to some new colors. There were a few isolated spots in the 2nd proof that were not colored, probably because I hadn't figured them out yet and I had to get it to the exhibition and put it into a frame. Now with a little more time in my hands, I added bits of color to the unintentional empty spots, and with that, the print is finally finished. At some point after the framed copy comes back from the Belmar show, I'll pop it out of its frame long enough to color it to match this one. I'm all set for the next critique, and now have to make a decision as to what the next project will be.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coloring On Location

Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped at the same home center where I had purchased the wood for my students' woodcuts. Based on what I've seen of those blocks in progress, it looked like a good batch (there can be a big difference in suitability for woodcuts from one batch to the next), and decided to get some for myself. They had two of that same batch of 2'x4' panels left and I bought them both. From there to my Studio to drop off my new wood and the CD player (used in class that day), and had hoped to pick up the in-progress proof and take it to Belmar to finally finish copying the colors. However, it started raining steadily and I thought it a very bad idea to move it. As it turned out, before I even got to the Belmar city limits the rain got so heavy I had to detour a few miles out of my way just to get home.

Today was an unseasonably warm and sunny day and I decided to try my plan again. Stopped at the Studio, picked up the print (clipped to a sheet of foamcore) and my watercolor box, then drove down to Belmar. There was a big class going on in the back room, but I had the gallery all to myself. I set up in front of my framed piece (see above), and filled in all those pieces to match the colors on the first framed copy. There are a few uncolored bits in the first okawara proof , probably because I was rushing last minute to get it finished for the Belmar show. From there I went home, so any further touch-ups on this piece will be done there or back in the Studio.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Boardwalk Nights part 27

I had dropped by the Studio yesterday afternoon on my way home from work, but I realized that I didn't have my color chart for the new print with me. I could have done a few bits from memory, but I didn't want to go through the effort of setting up all the watercolor stuff for just a few minutes, so I used the time to cut up some more wood for my other class. Today I had the chart with me as I made another after work stop and did quite a bit of coloring. Only a little over an hour, but in that time I put in almost all of the blues and greens, as well as a lot of grays and a few other colors. All that's left is skin, most of the hair, and a few isolated bits around the image that I either didn't write down or can't be sure of from my photos. The plan is to stop by Belmar tomorrow to get the information on the last remaining bits from the copy hanging in the show, so I can get it colored and be ready for next week's critique.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Boardwalk Nights part 26

Had enough time available this afternoon to get into the Studio and continue work on the 3rd proof of the boardwalk after sunset print. Using the color charts I made in Belmar, and looking at a few of the parts of the first proof that worked well enough to keep for the 2nd copy, I finished pretty much all the yellow/orange/red colors throughout the composition. Left to color are skin tones, pink, browns, grays, blues, and greens. I've got most of that charted as well, but a few things would best be done by taking this proof to Belmar and copying those details directly.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Cure for Exhaustion

I skipped the past couple of meetings of the figure drawing group, using the time to take care of school work and other projects. And if I hadn't already rsvp'd the organizer that I was coming, I might have skipped it tonight as well- maybe watched the end of the Yankee game, maybe taken a nap. But I got off the couch, gathered the usual stuff (drawing pad, charcoal, easel, pile of blues cd's) and drove up to Belmar. As with the critique group, even if I'm tired going in, a night of drawing usually energizes me. None of my drawings tonight were completely terrible, but the last one, the 30 minute drawing seen above, was definitely the best one of the night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Boardwalk Nights part 25

It feels like it's been quite a long time since I did anything artistic. Looking back on the blog it's been over two weeks. I needed a little break after the long hours I put in to finish the proof for the After Sunset show, if for no other reason than to get caught up (and maybe a little ahead) on my school work. But it's time to get back to work. I want to finish coloring the 3rd proof of he newest print, because I'd like to have the color version to show at the November critique and the framed one will still be on display in Belmar at that point. And I'd like to get this done before I move on to something else. Normally I like to have one in front of me to copy from as I'm going through the coloring process, but that wasn't possible today. However I did have something to reference.

This past Saturday I took a turn gallery sitting in Belmar. I spent most of the time updating my lecture notes for the next chapter in my art history class, but I also took some time to make some color notes based on the framed copy of my print. For example, the mixed color from my palette that I call pale yellow can be found on parts of the illuminated pizza sign, the undersides of that building's two overhangs, on two of the flat signs, on a couple of the walking people, and in some of the fireworks. I charted several such common colors that day. Brought that list with me to the Studio today and used it to put the first four colors throughout the composition. I may have to eventually bring this proof with me to Belmar on another gallery sitting day to properly copy some of the details, but I can probably get a good bit of it done before then just based on notes like the ones I used today.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's That Time of Year

Later this week one of my 2D classes will be starting their woodcut projects, which means that I have to have blocks ready to go for that day. So last Saturday, before the reception in Belmar, I stopped my a local home center and purchased a couple of 2' x 4' lauan panels, which I dropped off in the Studio. Today I went there after work and cut up one of those panels into 24 smaller pieces. (thanks to various holidays and other factors, my other 2D class won't get to this project for another two weeks) A little coarse sandpaper to remove most of the splinters, and I was ready to go.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Time Well Spent

Since the school year started for me in early September, I haven't had a whole lot of spare time on my hands. Whatever I could find was put to use getting this print finished- working out the drawing, cutting the block, pulling the proofs. I was working round the clock to get the coloring done, adding the last few touches to this copy just moments before I drove it up to Belmar to enter it in this show. I liked the resulting print very much, so if for no other reason, the effort was worth it. But today I got a special bonus- upon arriving to help set up the reception for the After Sunset exhibition, someone pointed out the Best of Show ribbon hanging next to my print. So I knew at least one other person liked it. Actually it got a generally good response from the crowd today, except for one woman, who upon being told it was the top award winner, responded, "Well, I'm just not going to say anything," and walked away. I had to explain the process to one couple (they thought it had been done all with markers) and the idea behind the whole series to a few people. Some viewers speculated as to which boardwalk was being represented. (the boardwalk of my imagination, based on decades of accumulated memories and impressions, so all of them and none of them) Not a huge turnout for the reception, maybe 40 people over the two hours, possibly out enjoying the gorgeous fall weather we had today. The show is up for another 4 weeks, so more will have an opportunity to check it out.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Braving the Storm

These past few weeks will lead a person to forget that we had record heat waves and a drought through the whole summer. Now it's autumn, the weather has turned cool and rain is falling more days than not. Today the rain was particularly heavy, with a lot of local flooding. But that won't keep the dedicated away from critique night. We had six of us there in the Studio tonight, all of whom had been there before. Above are prints from myself (didn't have time to color that last proof, but the gang enjoyed this black and white version) and Molly, a mixed media piece from Mary, a painting from Katie, and a drawing from Tim. Below is Adam's latest tire tread sculpture.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Boardwalk Nights part 24

I finished coloring just about all of the print last night, but I stopped work around 1:00 am, since I had to get up today around 6:00 am for work. However, before leaving the house I added those last bits of color. Back home a few hours later, I grabbed this piece (still clipped to a board) and a framed boardwalk print and got up to Belmar, where I had volunteered to help with the intake of the BAC's upcoming "After Sunset" exhibition. Since there weren't a whole lot of crowds, I was able to set up a folding table and do the swap of my new print for the one in the frame. Before it went behind the glass I gave it the official title of The Floating World: After Sunset, but I didn't give it any kind of edition designation yet, since I'm not completely sure that this is the final version. (this may be a state proof or 1/10) I do like how it turned out, but the fact that I rushed the whole process in order to get it into the show today makes me want to spend a little more time with it before I'm sure.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Boardwalk Nights part 23

Still working from home, but now on the first okawara proof. As I mentioned last time, the plan was to take it as far as I could using just warm and earth colors, and this is about as far as that went. The combination does indeed hold together better than the first attempt did. Of course, some cool colors will be part of it- later tonight or early tomorrow I'll add some blues and greens, just enough to give a little variety to the color scheme. I'll take a photo to post tomorrow before it goes into a frame.