Saturday, October 30, 2010

Boardwalk Nights part 28-finished

Went up to the Studio for a few hours this afternoon. Most of the time was spent on teaching related activities- grading and documenting student work, picking up materials for a woodcut class next week. However a little of that time was for me. I brought with me the 3rd proof of the most recent print, which I had brought home from Belmar after I had more or less colored it to match the framed 2nd proof. Today I darkened the color in two small spots that needed more work, then moved on to some new colors. There were a few isolated spots in the 2nd proof that were not colored, probably because I hadn't figured them out yet and I had to get it to the exhibition and put it into a frame. Now with a little more time in my hands, I added bits of color to the unintentional empty spots, and with that, the print is finally finished. At some point after the framed copy comes back from the Belmar show, I'll pop it out of its frame long enough to color it to match this one. I'm all set for the next critique, and now have to make a decision as to what the next project will be.


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