Thursday, October 28, 2010

Coloring On Location

Yesterday on my way home from work I stopped at the same home center where I had purchased the wood for my students' woodcuts. Based on what I've seen of those blocks in progress, it looked like a good batch (there can be a big difference in suitability for woodcuts from one batch to the next), and decided to get some for myself. They had two of that same batch of 2'x4' panels left and I bought them both. From there to my Studio to drop off my new wood and the CD player (used in class that day), and had hoped to pick up the in-progress proof and take it to Belmar to finally finish copying the colors. However, it started raining steadily and I thought it a very bad idea to move it. As it turned out, before I even got to the Belmar city limits the rain got so heavy I had to detour a few miles out of my way just to get home.

Today was an unseasonably warm and sunny day and I decided to try my plan again. Stopped at the Studio, picked up the print (clipped to a sheet of foamcore) and my watercolor box, then drove down to Belmar. There was a big class going on in the back room, but I had the gallery all to myself. I set up in front of my framed piece (see above), and filled in all those pieces to match the colors on the first framed copy. There are a few uncolored bits in the first okawara proof , probably because I was rushing last minute to get it finished for the Belmar show. From there I went home, so any further touch-ups on this piece will be done there or back in the Studio.


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