Saturday, October 09, 2010

Time Well Spent

Since the school year started for me in early September, I haven't had a whole lot of spare time on my hands. Whatever I could find was put to use getting this print finished- working out the drawing, cutting the block, pulling the proofs. I was working round the clock to get the coloring done, adding the last few touches to this copy just moments before I drove it up to Belmar to enter it in this show. I liked the resulting print very much, so if for no other reason, the effort was worth it. But today I got a special bonus- upon arriving to help set up the reception for the After Sunset exhibition, someone pointed out the Best of Show ribbon hanging next to my print. So I knew at least one other person liked it. Actually it got a generally good response from the crowd today, except for one woman, who upon being told it was the top award winner, responded, "Well, I'm just not going to say anything," and walked away. I had to explain the process to one couple (they thought it had been done all with markers) and the idea behind the whole series to a few people. Some viewers speculated as to which boardwalk was being represented. (the boardwalk of my imagination, based on decades of accumulated memories and impressions, so all of them and none of them) Not a huge turnout for the reception, maybe 40 people over the two hours, possibly out enjoying the gorgeous fall weather we had today. The show is up for another 4 weeks, so more will have an opportunity to check it out.


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