Wednesday, November 03, 2010

A Cure For Aggravation

Commuting up to north Jersey during rush hour is never a fun experience, but today was worse than usual. Early tv news mentioned a big accident on the GSP just a little before my exit, a 10 mile backup already before I even left home. I hit that pile of cars about 20 miles out, and if that jam extended all the way to my exit, at the rate we were moving it might take another 4 hours to get there. However after about 5 miles of stop and go things started to pick up, and I arrived only about 30 minutes later than usual. And a happy surprise- plenty of parking. Today's class introduced a print project, and that also always raises my spirits.

My drive to Belmar in the evening was a lot shorter, and no traffic, but when I arrived at the Boatworks the parking lot was almost completely full. I guessed right that most of the cars were for next door, but there was a pretty big crowd there to draw, 8 other artists lined up shoulder to shoulder in an arc facing the model's platform. In the end I had to take a position behind the model, but I can't complain. The 25 minute drawing I did from back there (see above) turned out to be my best one of the night.


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