Saturday, November 06, 2010

The End and The Beginning

I remember a little piece of a dream I had last night. I had been spending time with some people (friends and/or family) but they had gone off to do something else. My plan was to join them later, but for the moment I had a little time to myself to the Boardwalk. Don't remember if it was a specific one, just that I had some difficult decisions to make. Which one tasty boardwalk food would I eat? Which games or activities would I enjoy in my limited time? I wandered around while I considered the options. Unfortunately, I don't remember what decisions I made. But maybe the dream itself is a little reminder that it may be time to get back to my boardwalk series.

I started the afternoon driving up to the Boatworks to pick up some art. I knew that I had to pick up my piece from the After Sunset show, and planned to ask about the 8 supermarket prints that have been hanging in the nearby bank since the Belmar Urban Myth show ended. It turned out that the latter had already been returned to the BAC, and I had the foresight to bring one of my custom boxes with me, so I was able to pack them all up.

I continued up to the Studio, where my plans had included thinking about the next boardwalk print. However, since I now had the framed night scene print with me, I brought it inside, opened it up, and did some additional coloring, as shown above. Not much- just those few spots that I had skipped in my rush to get this copy to the exhibition intake, and a few minor changes to reflect things from my second copy. I also went ahead and numbered it as part of the edition, now that I know this is the final state of the print. After it dried, back in the frame and ready for the trip home. My work on the print is now officially done.

But as I said, my plan today was to consider the boardwalk series, and had brought my notes with me. From my original list of ideas, there are 5 remaining. I have specific reference material at hand for most of them, so I have a few options for the next one. And as of now, no specific deadline that demands I do a particular one next. Over the next week or so I plan to try coming up with possible layout sketches for one or more of the ideas, and if one seems particularly ready to go, that will be the next project. Results will be here as soon as I know myself.


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