Monday, November 15, 2010

So Why Go All the Way to Newark?

Haven't had much to report the past few weeks. Still working out what the next print will be. There may be a show coming up in December, but I'll wait on announcing that until I have more details. But I did run across one thing worth mentioning here.

I was looking at the entertainment section of yesterday's Star Ledger and saw something very familiar. There was a full page review of a current 3 person show at Aljira, the well known and highly regarded art space in Newark. One of the artists is Dahlia Elsayed, a well established artist in the metropolitan area, and a friend of the Studio. The article included one image of each artist's work, hers being the one on the right in the above image. I recognized it immediately as I have seen it the Studio. Dahlia brought it to one of our critique sessions a little over a year ago, where I recall it got a very positive response. I've got nothing against Aljira (I was in a few shows there back in the 90's) and if you're in the Newark area it might be worth a stop. But this just goes to show that if you want to see some cool art long before it gets to the walls of a hip urban gallery, come to one of our critique nights. And maybe someday you can brag about knowing some interesting artist/artwork before everyone else in your crowd did.


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