Thursday, March 03, 2011

Boardwalk Showers part 17

I got to spend a few hours in the Studio this afternoon, continuing the cutting of the current block. I started with the last column of tiles (far left edge of the block), doing the broken edges thing that I did with the previously cut tile wall. The last bit of architecture to finish was the line of upward facing tiles on the shower enclosure sill. From there I moved on to other stuff along the back wall. First were the two figures showering behind curtains. I decided on a combinations of discrete shapes and silhouetted shadows among the ripples of the shower curtains. (see above) I'll find out if it worked when I print it and color it. I continued across the block to the right, cutting out the hanging towel by the center shower stall, the pushed aside shower curtain, and the posted notice about lost or stolen items. The results of today's cutting can be seen below.

So now all that's left is the most important part- the figures (and the bench that one sits on). I just might finish the cutting on this before next week's critique.


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