Sunday, April 03, 2011

Boardwalk Showers part 29

I found myself with some spare time in the early afternoon today, so I decided to drive up to the Studio and get in a quick coloring session. I'm still not sure of some of the color decisions to be made for this print, and will ask some feedback at the next critique group. However, the figures themselves are pretty much set from the first color proof, so I figured I can go ahead and put those in now. I had hoped to take care of it in about an hour, but I had to spend some time mixing some new colors. After that hour I had a layer of color everywhere, but none of the shadows or other tones, so I spent another hour adding washes. The above photo shows where things ended today. None of these areas are necessarily finished, as some areas had lightened in drying, but it's good enough for everyone to see where this image is going.


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