Saturday, October 08, 2011

St Benno part 4

I had noted earlier in the week that the one thing brought up in the critique toward my piece was drawing issues with the frog. One person specifically mentioned the legs, saying that they didn't feel attached to the frog. I didn't disagree with this observation. The original drawing was done with some haste, as I had the immediate deadline of having to show block cutting at my presentation in Westfield. Trying to give frog features to my toad was only semi-successful, and I purposely chose not to cut any of the frog part of the block that day, should I want to fix it later. Today was that day.

The problem that I had with the legs was that I couldn't find a good reference of a frog from that eye level side view, and my attempt to make it up based on other views of frog legs didn't work. I decided that the simplest solution would be just to find a better frog reference than my old toad drawing, and just redraw the whole thing. So that's what I did, along with moving the saint's name down a little. This changes a bit the area around the frog, so I decided to hold off on more cutting until I decide if I want to add anything else (including additional frogs) to the composition.


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