Friday, June 08, 2012

St Genevieve part 7

I had a few hours to spare today, so I went into the Studio to work out some ideas for the St Genevieve print.  The above image shows evidence of some of those experiments.  For example, originally all the background trees were a medium wash of phthalo green (still seen at the far left and right) but today I overlaid two of them with new colors.  The big patch in the middle has a heavy wash of cascade green (named for the evergreens that cover much of the mountain range of the same name), while I added zoisite genuine (a mineral pigment, gray shading toward green) to the next section to the left.  Both colors separate better from the red roof.  Probably some combination of the various colors will be used in the final version.  I also spent time trying out different colors on the wood in the well.  Tried the upright posts as a much lighter color, but I thought it blended in too much with the stone, so I made it much darker.  The color of the wooden bucket also changed a few times.  These areas are going to require a bit more thought.

Meanwhile, I started putting down some colors that I was relatively sure of on the second proof.  The green grass and the blue sky will remain the same as the first proof, both premixed colors going back to my Carbondale era palette, so they went in quickly.  I'll get back to it next week.


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