Monday, June 11, 2012

St Genevieve part 8- finished

Despite a very annoying head cold that showed up over the weekend, I was determined to finish this print today.  Looking at last Friday's color experiments all weekend gave me some ideas before I set foot in the Studio late this morning.  I had decided that the dark wood color for the upright posts supporting the well's roof had to go- they visually disappeared into the intended dark green of the background trees.  Went with a very light tan color instead.  For the crank and the bucket, a medium brown, one a little more neutral than those I was trying last week.  The stones aren't exact individual matches to the first version, but it's the same range of warm and cool brownish gray colors as last time.  The red roof is pretty much the same as well.  My first attempt at the background trees was a mix of zoisite and cascade, heavier on the former, but it was a bit too neutral.  Overlaid a few washes of more intense greens to get what you see above.  I thought it was looking pretty good.  Molly passed through for about 2 minutes (lured in by free tomato plants I offered her) and gave her approval to the new version.  Looks like it's done.  Next time I print I'll make another copy to match this one.


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