Sunday, April 28, 2013

St Pamphilus part 2

Today was the day of the Belmar Art Walk.  I got there a little before my scheduled work "shift" to check out the situation.  My host had indeed brought a small table from home so I didn't need to go get one elsewhere.  Since it was a beautiful spring day I decided to set up out on the sidewalk.  I had the option of working inside, but I figured few would make their way past the other artist outside and go in to see me.  It was too breezy out there to put out any kind of paper, so all the promotional cards I made stayed inside the binder and would just offer to hand one to anybody who expressed an interest in what I was doing.  Some years this event can be pretty dead, but today the streets were busy, no doubt at least partly due to the weather.  However, the shade gradually crept across my location, then clouds blocked all the sun, and it got quite chilly.  When my two hour slot was done, I was very happy to pack up and head to my next scheduled stop, an indoor location.

Above you can see the day's progress on the new block.  I spent time talking to friends and family who came by, as well as anyone who stopped to look at what I was doing, but I still got a bit done in my limited time.  I outlined the exterior, cut out the whole date, and started working on the plate and pancake.  There are a few things to fix in the drawing, but I should be able to continue cutting during the coming week.


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