Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Table Talk part 24

Molly's short term requests were all met by Monday, but there is still more work to do.  When I arrived at the table shop today I found that the three tables worked on a few days ago were all gone, no doubt at the locations for planned workshops.  I figure those two long tables will need legs soon, so today I took care of sanding them.  Items have to be secured before using the belt sander on them; if I just tried placing them on the table, friction from the powerful belt would just shoot it off the table.  Simple solution was to brace them with 2x4's clamped to a table, as in the above photo.  I put out four at a time (a complete table set), and did the top sides with the belt sander, then the palm sander.  Then flip all four to the next face and use both sanders again.  Repeat until all four sides are done.

After the first four were done I put them aside and cleaned up a little.  The sawdust you see above between the boards is most of what came off those four legs.  That's why I wear the uncomfortable dust mask and safety goggles.  Just as I finished the second set of four I heard a pounding on our door to the outside.  It was Molly, there to drop off some stuff, and figured since I was there she could use the shortcut right to our space.  She liked the legs, but assumed they were the short ones for the coffee table.  I told her these were the standard length ones for several tables, and stood one on the floor next to the work tables to prove it.  I'm not surprised by her confusion.  I remeasured the first ones at least 3 times, including bringing one down to the print shop to compare with those work tables, just to make sure they were the right height.  Laying on table, they just seem short.

I completed two sets of four legs, enough for those two long tables.  I have six more sets cut, so if Molly gives me no specific requests, I have stuff to keep me busy the next few times I come in.  Probably next I should put together the materials list for the items we still need- more wood, wood filler, etc.  And there's working out the plan for the drop leaf table.  Call it job security.

On the way home I stopped at the store and bought the rest of the ingredients that I'd need to make a batch of jambalaya.  Nothing to do with this table thing, but it is tradition here at Arrabbiata to celebrate all spicy foods, and this is the first real meal that I've cooked in my new apartment.


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