Saturday, September 28, 2013

Table Talk part 25

I was busy down at the Belmar Arts Council early in the day, so Molly beat me to the Studio.  She was busy working on some drawing when I arrived, having finished doing some routing on the coffee table piece.  We spent a little time going over the schedule of things needed for the next week.  She would like me to finish the sanding as soon as possible, so that dust is not around as much for the painting and especially when she is ready to pour to coating on the table tops.  I don't blame her- this project has generated a lot of sawdust.  Even the parts of the room well away from the saws, sanders, and router have a coating of sawdust almost everywhere.

After a quick photo session (apparently my head will serve as a model for a kid listening to a story) I left Molly there to concentrate on her process for the remainder of her available time today, and I wandered over to Cookman Ave where there was a little art festival going on.  Art was being shown in a bunch of spaces, including some galleries I had never seen before.  Also ran into a lot of friends, which I had expected.  Didn't see any life altering art, but it was a lovely afternoon to be out walking.

Went back to the Studio and found Molly gone, along with most of the sawdust on the floor.  I wanted to get a little work done before going home, so I set up my sanding system again and sanded the four legs for the coffee table.  The set up looks a lot like the last time I did this, but the legs were only half as long.  Still took almost as much time to sand as the full length legs.  Inspired by Molly's clean up effort, I not only cleaned all the sawdust from my table (which I do every time anyway), but I also took the broom to some of those dusty areas at the far back of the room.  The parking lot was starting to fill with people coming for the Gospel Explosion event, so I decided to end my work day and get home.  I much prefer a Blues Explosion myself (as in Jon Spenser), but that's my tastes.


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