Saturday, April 12, 2014

Approaching the Station

The railroad show at the Belmar Arts Council is almost up on the walls.  Over the last week I've been working on some related tasks.  For example, yesterday I had a meeting with some town people over their historical part of the show.  I finished framing my original postcard print for display and to be used as  raffle prize.  And today was the intake of art for the show.  Our latest digital age innovation is that we have all artwork submitted online in advance.  Instead of waiting to see what comes in the door, artists are required to fill our an online form with all the relevant information, including a photo of the work, even for shows that aren't juried. In this most recent case, it meant we could verify that the submitted pieces met the railroad theme requirement, and we did have to turn away at least one submission that didn't.  So instead of artists having to spend time on this day filling out the forms, all the information is on our computer, and we have a print out of their entry.  The significant information is cut into strips (above), each with a little thumbnail image of the work, and we attach these to the framed pieces as they come in.  Very efficient.  It looks like we'll have about 35 pieces in the show, which should fill the gallery spaces nicely.  The actual hanging will start next week.


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