Sunday, April 06, 2014

Getting My Hands Dirty

In the afternoon I went back to Belmar to continue work on the train station mural.  I'm not much for early mornings if I can avoid them, but they had enough morning people to finish putting up the rest of painted cloth panels.  When I got there, the effort had changed over to painting with brushes on walls, a mix of fixing issues with the design and covering all the transitional spaces over and around doors and windows with color.  I was given a small pail of dull green, used for general vegetation, especially on the various islands around the images of New York Harbor.  I worked on many of the green spaces in photo above, getting more than a little on my hands in the process.

We knocked off around 4 pm again today, but this time we had color on the wall from end to end.  There will be more datails to be painted in the coming days, but at least we have color blocked in everywhere.  This wall should be a nice surprise for the Monday morning commuters, who last saw this building covered with plain white plywood.


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