Monday, April 07, 2014

Me, Print in My Studio?

Seems like it would be a silly question, but it's been quite a while since I did any printing there.  The only blocks that I've printed this year were my Christmas card and my train postcard, both done in my apartment.  Each were small enough to do in my kitchen, and the combination of snow and sewage backup has kept me from using my printmaking space in 2014.  Today I had two small blocks from late students in my 2D class, and with most of my printmaking supplies at home because of the Belmar class, I could have easily done them there.  But I miss the Studio, and my table is as empty as it's been in a long time, and I wanted to get there early before tonight's critique to talk to the management, so I packed a bunch of stuff and went to Ocean Grove.  Above are the two student blocks and prints.

I had put out my e-mail reminders last week, but hadn't gotten any replies.  Molly called in the afternoon to tell me she wasn't likely coming and to admit that she had forgotten to send out her usual text reminders, but she was offering to do it then if I wanted.  I knew I'd be there anyway, so I had her do it.  Around 6:45 pm our first participant showed up, and I had her go over to the cafeteria, which I had arranged for tonight's meeting.  Two other regulars showed up, one of whom decided to bring us a pizza, so all those who skipped tonight- see what you missed?

I had brought the tack board out to the cafeteria, but since no one had anything larger than 8x10, we just sat around one of the picnic tables (the dining furniture in the cafeteria) looking at art there.  Above are photos from Margery (putting her ceramic sculptures in outdoor environments) and a found object cat from Lisa.  Mary, who brought the pizza, had a couple of early proofs of some white line blocks she's experimenting with, but I didn't get a chance to photograph them.  I put out the student prints since I didn't have any new work to show (they liked them) and showed photos from the weekend's mural installation.    A little more relaxed than most of our meetings, but still a pleasant night.


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