Sunday, April 20, 2014

Time to Cut Wood

A week from today is the latest edition of the annual Belmar Art Walk, where artists will be set up all up and down Main Street, showing their wares and demonstrating their processes.  Last year I was stationed outside a yoga studio, cutting a new saint block.  Although it was a nice day in general, my side of the street was in shade and there was a stiff breeze, so I got cold pretty quickly, and I was limited in what I could put out.  This year I was offered a chance to do my demonstrating in the Boatworks, which will be much easier and more comfortable.

Now I just need a print to be working on.  When I need a piece for a demo and have nothing else in the works, my go to piece is another saint.  As it turns out, I had plans for one, a St James for my nephew, to go along with the saint I made for his sister a few years ago.  The main delay has been in picking one, as my book includes almost 30 St Jameses.  But today I was at their house for Easter and spent a little time discussing the project with them, and a preference for a particular James was mentioned.  That gives me several days to come up with a plan .  Meanwhile, I cut a new piece of lauan to size a few days ago, and with the recent class I had been teaching, I have all my printmaking tote bags ready to go.


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