Saturday, November 08, 2014

Art Stuff Update

During the school year, Saturday is usually a good day to catch up on stuff, though the school stuff tends to pop up from time to time.

Today at the Boatworks was the intake for the WUF show.  Last week I had printed a few more bookplates, and on Wednesday I officially registered online for the show, and then stopped by to pick up labels for my entries.  But I hadn't done anything since, so this morning I had to finally finish the packaging of my small prints.  Not that difficult.  The rules asked that we not put a whole lot of stuff about ourselves on the pieces.  I was told that what I had already on them was no problem, but I had created new versions of the labels anyway, and substituted them in some cases.  For all I had to peel off old code/price labels and replace them with new ones, which would match the inventory sheet I had to submit.  The only new packaging was for a set of new bee themed bookplates, ones I printed last week.

They did ask that all artists putting things into the show provide some kind of display system, and I had one for that.  Years ago I had acquired a display rack from a store going out of business, something that seemed perfect for my small product work.  The above photo is from a BAC holiday sale from years ago, which was in the now destroyed Taylor Pavilion.  A few days ago I had picked up the rack from where I had it stored in Manasquan.  Around midday I loaded all that stuff in my car and drove it to the Boatworks.

Stuff was still coming in, so the sale area wasn't quite organized yet.  That begins on Wednesday, and people there seemed to have things under control, so I headed to the Studio and a bunch of other tasks.

First thing I did at the Studio was a common thing this time of year, grading.  I had left the completed ink wash projects from my Drawing class in the car last night, convenient for my trip to Ocean Grove today.  Took photos of a few better ones for future class use.  Also picked up printmaking stuff I'll need for this week's 2D class, and left that in the car.  The rest of my time there was spent looking.  I know that I had done other bookplate designs besides the set of four, but so far I couldn't find the blocks to go with them.  At the end of the day I still hadn't, though I did locate the blocks for the mini-saints.  Not that I expected I would sell out of the ones I had in stock, but if there is a sudden run on what I have, I know I can crank out some more.

Another thing I was looking for was particular blocks from the Fourth of July.  Following the WUF show, the next thing in Belmar will be the annual member salon, with this year's theme being food.  As part of it, they want participants to bring food based on the art to the reception.  Whether or not I participate in the show I don't know yet, but I do know that after art processes, the second most common theme in the Fourth of July series was food, mostly stuff I made.  With Sandy having eliminated about half the blocks, did I have any left that would be relevant?  I've learned that hot pasta dishes don't work at pot lucks, but I've had luck with breads and desserts.  The blocks I have do give me some possibilities there, something to consider.

On the way home I stopped at the store to pick up a hunk of Locatelli (hot pasta works at home just fine) and did a little research while there.  I haven't touched the new supermarket block since the crit, but one change I do expect to make is adding a few pedestrians to the scene.  So on my way in and out of the store I spent time carefully observing people walking in the parking lot.  Didn't do any sketches, but took mental notes and turned them into some very rough sketches back home.   Eventually I'll have to decide where they will go in my scene.


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