Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Mid Week Critique

We started off with a plan to hold the February critique at the usual first Monday time and date, but then Molly had some conflict and wanted to move it to the second Monday.  Then she realized that she had a problem that day as well, and asked if we could go to Wednesday.  No problem for me, so that's what was decided. The delay from the original plan had some benefits.  That first Monday we had a typical batch of winter weather, and the extra week gave Molly some time to work on something new.

Molly had a whole bunch of large wood pieces started last week, and thought we'd be better off moving out to the cafeteria.  The larger piece above reminded me of a madonna image enough to make me wonder if working at a Catholic school was having an effect on her.  She said no, but admitted the image had things in common with religious art.  The small red piece next to it is also a portrait of sorts, but the dark color red makes it hard for us to see the drawing.

Above and below are two more Molly works in progress- diptychs with heads, and in one case more hands.  At whatever level they are finished, she will have them in our show in the building next weekend.

Gwen showed two colorful sketches, unusual only in the medium- nail polish.  (a found supply being put to use)  Neither piece was completely resolved, but we all thought there was potential in this medium with both the pure visual and the associated content.

Vince was back after missing the past few, not to show but to talk.  Besides his painting projects, Vince does conceptual photo projects from time to time, and tonight he was telling us about his current one, requesting that people send him photos of the inside of their refrigerator.  Above is one I shot of my fridge toward the end of January and had sent to him.  He's still not sure where this is going yet, but says he'll keep us informed.

And of course I showed my current block.  That long connecting line was noticed.  It was pointed out that the focus of the story still hasn't been cut yet, so it's got no presence yet.  Molly particularly liked that the other people walking through the parking lot aren't paying attention to the odd behavior of the guy dumping bricks, but the way I remember it, I was the only one who noticed as it was happening.

Only four artists tonight, as sometimes happens when we have to move things around, but it was an enjoyable night for all of us.


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