Monday, February 23, 2015

At Work in the Studio

When I talked to Molly on the phone last night, I mentioned that I'd be going into the Studio today.  She asked if there was another Winter Arts Festival event scheduled for today.  No, I'm just going in to actually use the space, one of the reasons we are renting it in the first place.

This week my 2D class will be starting the woodcut project, which means I have to prepare some blocks for the students.  Just one section of 2D this semester, and there aren't many students in it.  I knew I had enough plywood in the Studio to cover what I needed to make, so I drove directly there in the late morning.  I was able to make a quick lunch of some leftovers from yesterday's Open Mic event, joined by half a dozen building employees and tenants in the space used as a lunch room.  Then I got on with the day's plans.

First was cutting a bunch of the 8" x 6" blocks that I'll need later this week.  The above photo is actually from 2011, but that is about the size of the stack I made.  Had no sandpaper with me, so I'll do that later.

Second was some organizing.  This coming weekend is the second half of the Winter Arts Festival, including a brunch and open studio on Sunday.  Molly did a little bit of straightening and organizing of her stuff last week, and I'm hoping she does more.  I was planning to fix up my area in the time leading up to this, but this winter has stolen dozens of hours from me over the past month.  Today I did a few of the things I had planned, a combination of rearranging and condensing, along with making things a bit neater.  If the weather predictions hold, I should have another shot or two at getting in there and finishing what I started and making my space look good for the Open Studio, should anyone find there way down to our basement.


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