Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Winter Update

Haven't put anything up for a few weeks, an effect of this time of the year.  School has begun, my first class meeting about two weeks ago, but we haven't settled into a routine yet.  The weather, which had been relatively calm this winter compared to last year, decided to arrive just in time for the start of the semester.  No giant blizzards, but significant snow (requiring shoveling and ice chopping) has fallen 2 or 3 times every week.  My first meeting of 3D was cancelled, and an ice storm threatened the second.  Last week winter weather forced me to take a very long detour to my other school for a few days, but the classes all ran normally.  At the Studio, the established snow plow guy moved out of state without warning, leaving doubts as to whether or not there would be parking there, and another storm forced us to push the February critique back a week. Throw in all the start of the semester paperwork and student issues, and I haven't had the time to work on the current block for a few weeks.

But today at least I did something art related.  After years of talking about it, the Jersey Shore Arts Center (the building where the Studio is found) is hosting an art show of work by the building's residing artists.  (where our studios reside- no one is allowed to live there)  This week was when they needed us to submit materials and bring stuff in.  So during the day on Monday, as winds howled and big fat snowflakes filled the air, I sent by e-mail my inventory for the show- a list of works with the titles, dimensions, etc, plus jpegs of the pieces and a few sentences about each.  And since today looked to be the only day this week where I was not working and there would be no precipitation, I packed the framed works for transport and got them to the building.  That gives them about 2 weeks to get the show hung before the opening on February 21st.  I'll post information about the scheduled events for the show as we get closer.

And by the way, snow is predicted for tomorrow, and then again by the beginning of next week.  That ground hog is no friend of mine.


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