Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Mermaid Piece part 7

In recent weeks I had fallen into a pattern of working in the Studio on weekends and Mondays, and mowing the lawn on Tuesdays.  However, I wasn't able to get to the Studio for the past few days, and we've had a light but persistent rain hanging around all day.  So no mowing, but a trip to the Studio today.

The focus today was on the mermaid's tail.  I had sketched on some scale shapes a while ago and had time to think about the plan.  In the prototype I had been shown, the scales were depicted with incised lines, but I decided to take a more three dimensional approach.  So I outlined around the ends of the scales, removing the layer, with plans to eventually smooth the transition from scales to the empty spaces around them.

Since the tail stuff didn't take that long, I decided to keep working a little while and start on the mermaid's head.  My plan for this was to (for now) keep the hair and items on her head at the highest level, while removing some of he layer around those to create some range of depth.  Will need to be a lot more work on this part, but this photo should give an idea of where I'm going.  Below, a view of the progress on the whole thing as of today.


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